Site announcements

Yesterday, Peace Corps Moldova announced our two-year site placements!

Just for frame of reference, Moldova is about a third the size of Indiana (or so I’ve read), and there are approximately 55 new volunteers being placed this year, so we tend to fill in the map pretty well.

To announce our placements, Peace Corps staff drew a map of Moldova with chalk in the parking lot of the high school where we have training about once a week in the capital city.  They then placed papers on the ground to show where the incoming volunteers will be stationed, and announced our placements one by one.  That said…the big news!

I will be stationed in a small city named Ialoveni, about 45 minutes southwest of the capital.  There, as my primary project, I’ll be working with a regional development agency that focuses on economic and social development in 13 regions of the country.  I’ll be stationed there with another volunteer in the Agribusiness and Rural Business Development program, and we’ll actually be working at the regional development agency together, so I’m looking forward to that!  Not sure what my specific job duties will encompass quite yet, but I’ll know more once we visit the site this Sunday/Monday.

I am truly thrilled about my placement and am looking forward to visiting my future partner at the agency, finding out more about what my job duties will be, and meeting my future host family!  Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!