Learning Russian

My host mom decided this week that I will learn Russian.  Thus, for the past two nights at the dinner table, she’s been drilling me on my Russian, and with a fair amount of success, actually.  The reason I am surprised by this is because, as we sit around the dinner table at 9 p.m., I’m not sure if my brain is still working at that point.  And then I learn how to count to ten in Russian.  Go figure.  Our minds are powerful machines.

Why would someone need to know Russian in Moldova?  Actually, a lot of the products they sell are in Russian, there are lots of television shows and films in Russian, and there is a percentage of the population in Moldova that only speaks Russian.  So most Moldovans who speak Romanian can also speak, or at least understand, Russian.

That said, after two nights, I now know how to count to ten in Russian, and how to say “good morning,” “good day,” “good night,” and “hi.”

Now, reading those same words and phrases in Cyrillic script (Russian lettering)…well, that’s a whole other ball game!

And now, for anyone who wants to learn with me:

  • Good morning = “dobraye utro” – written “Доброе утро”
  • Good day/Hello = “zdrah-ss-voo-ee-tay” – written “Здравствуйте”
  • Good evening = “dobry vecher” – written “Добрый вечер”
  • Hi = “pree-vet” – written “привет”

One response to “Learning Russian

  1. Haha I am praying for your Russian! Russian script has always looked more like shapes and designs than anything. I miss you and love you, dear friend!

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