Cost of living

When I visited my sister’s high school English class last week, one of the students asked how much money I spend every month.  I gave the answer I often give when discussing American norms, “It depends…”

But it got me thinking that it might be interesting to list the price of some Moldovan items in dollars for anyone reading back home.  Of course, these are all approximate.  The exchange rate right now is almost 12 Moldovan lei to the dollar.

  • snickers bar – $0.64
  • small bag of oatmeal – $0.80
  • 1 banana – $0.30-0.60(depending on where you buy and the time of year)
  • pack of gum – $0.55
  • 16 oz. soda – $0.90
  • yogurt – $0.45
  • 1.5 liter bottle of water – $0.70
  • 1 liter carton of orange juice – $1.40
  • box of chocolates – $2.00-4.00
  • 1-bedroom apartment in a larger town – $150-250/month
The cost of living in Moldova is less than the States, but income levels here remain quite low, which is why so many people go abroad to work.  I do find the Moldovan economy–and economics in general–quite fascinating, and think I want to continue to study developing economies in the future.  We shall see!

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