Small successes

Yesterday morning I ventured into Chișinău, the Moldovan capital, for a work meeting at the Soros Foundation-Moldova.  Soros is a nongovernmental organization that helps develop and implement programs that promote values of a free society in Moldova.  The foundation had organized a conference for local organizations to come and present development project ideas to a few experts from the Czech Republic and Poland.  It was very interesting to hear project ideas from around Moldova, and to see how they were presented.  Even better, the conference actually gave me several capacity-building project ideas that I could implement at the agency (i.e. organize a public speaking workshop).

I even had the pleasure of spotting my Peace Corps language tutor at the meeting, who, coincidentally, was there respresenting an entrepreneurial development project for women focused around creating and producing new clothing designs incorporating traditional Moldovan embroidery.  I was so impressed by the sketches they brought. 

That said, it was a fantastic meeting, and I was so happy to be able understand most of what was being said in Romanian, and even to be able mingle with Moldovans over coffee at the end of the seminar using my limited, but growing, language abilities.  So here’s to the small successes!


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