A home of one’s own

This week I moved into my very own Moldovan apartment!  (Well, I’m also sharing it with my site mate Luma, so it’s not completely my own, but I am now living on my own.)

It’s funny, I remember during training I wanted to stay with a Moldovan family for the full two years.  And I just never envisioned anything else.  But this experience teaches us so much about ourselves, and it sometimes reveals something that is different from what we thought or knew about ourselves.

For me, I began to realize how much I really do value independence and personal space.  And I think this is a combination of nature and nurture.  Part of it is just my personality, and the other part is American culture.  But after a few months at my permanent site, I knew I was ready to “spread my wings” and live on my own.  I wanted to cook for myself, to create my own space, and I wanted the challenge of making a life in another country.  I am very grateful to my family here for inviting me into their home and their lives, and I expect I will be dropping by their home often.  Actually, I already plans to bake Christmas cookies with my two little host nieces.  Sprinkles and cut-out shapes, here we come!

Our new apartment is great – we have running water (hot AND cold), an indoor toilet, three furnished rooms (which means we have an extra room for guests, hint hint), a microwave, stove/oven combination, and promises of a washing machine once it’s fixed (until then, it’s handwash in the tub).  We’re already settling in nicely.  And since I can’t have a house-warming party with all my friends and family from back home, I’ll include a house-warming slide show below instead.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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