Feeding the puppies

I’m rooting for these little guys!  Every day at lunch, we give them some food.  Sometimes it’s leftovers, and sometimes I buy food specifically so we can feed them, but I’m rooting for them.  Fortunately, we’ve had a mild winter, but not all dogs make it through the winters here.  I can’t tell you how tempted I am to swoop them all up and take them inside!  But we have to worry about diseases, the little critters they bring with them, and who will take care of them while we’re away.

But this is how most Moldovan dogs live.  They hang around a house that will feed them.  And the rest of the time they run free.  There isn’t a humane society or an animal shelter.  But one of my host sisters once said to me that it’s good for the dogs to live like that – they want to be free.  And I think of all the times our family pet has dashed out the door like a wild man and ran down the street like he was the Braveheart of the kanine world (FREEDOM!).  And I suppose it’s true, the dogs want to be free.

I’m just going to keep on rooting.  You can make it, pups!  Want to know exactly how squeezable the little guys are?  Pictures, as promised.

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