Making hats

Turns out, I sort of love to crochet?!

My mom gave my sisters and me stuff for knitting/crocheting when we were younger and I think tried to teach us how (right, mom?).  For years, I’ve been meaning to try and learn again, but just never got around to it.  That, and when would I wear a beanie in Arizona?  Seriously.  I figured using some of my spare time in Moldova, a more appropriate climate, would be a good opportunity to pick it up, so I asked for yarn and needles with my Christmas package (thanks mom & pops!).  I started teaching myself with the help of online tutorials and finished my first project a couple of weeks ago, pretty excited about the results.  Of course, I had to take a photo, I was pretty proud of my work, please excuse my photo-bragging, the cheesy self portrait, and my orange plaid tablecloth background.

This encouraged me to offer my services to my site mate, Luma, whose hat I finished last night.  This is where I have to tell you how awesome my site mate is.  So I say to him about a week ago, hey Luma, want me to make you a hat too?  Yea, he says, definitely, I’ve been meaning to buy one.  Sweet, Luma, what colors do you want?  Anything, he said, surprise me.  Done and done.  So I finished his hat last night (black, white and red to match his jacket) and surprised him with it this morning, and he was so stoked about it.  I’m not sure if he was just being nice, or if he was genuinely that excited, but he had me take a picture of him in it before we left for work and posted it on Facebook later.  Aw, shucks, nothing like having your work received with such enthusiasm.  So this one’s for Luma, my awesome site mate and basically one of my favorite volunteers in Moldova.

Of course, we won’t be need these much longer seeing as spring is just around the corner!  We came back from a weekend conference Sunday and almost all the snow in town had melted.  Just Friday morning I was running on ice. I think this is the first time in almost 14 years that I’ve actually looked forward to the coming of summer months!  At 115°F, Arizona’s summer heat just…isn’t really something you anticipate with a whole lot of enthusiasm.


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