One lucky girl

My host family from my training days drove down to Ialoveni this weekend for a short visit at my apartment.  (When I was at their house in February for my host dad’s birthday, they asked if they could come visit and see how I lived.  Of course!, I said.  I’ll be waiting!)

So they drove down Sunday afternoon and we enjoyed bruschetta, tea and cookies in my very small, and quite chilly, kitchen.  My little 6-year-old host brother corrected my Romanian and point out that I don’t speak it very well; sometimes I forget words.  Touche, sir.  I got a good laugh out of that.

AND they brought me the wonderful long-stem rose for Women’s Day, which my little host brother presented to me, and the beautiful marțisor pin below.  (See my previous post, Martz-EE-shore.)  Gorgeous.  So thoughtful of them, too.  I feel like one lucky girl.  Wanted to share!


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