The benefits of an outhouse

In light of having no water, I must say, there are certainly benefits to having outhouses (as I’ve been realizing since we moved into an apartment over winter and I no longer use an outhouse at home).

  • First, you never have to worry about flushing when there’s no water.  Definite plus.
  • Second, the smells and sounds stay outside.  (Yes, people, I just wrote that.)
  • Third, you never really have to clean it like you do with a ceramic indoor toilet.
  • Fourth, the water bill is less expensive.

I mean, all I’m saying is the Moldovans might be on to something.  It’s all in perspective.

And here’s a picture of my former outhouse at site…stolen off of Facebook from the previous volunteer who lived with that family.  (Thank you!)


4 responses to “The benefits of an outhouse

  1. What an absolutely lovely way of framing one of my biggest apprehensions with moving to Moldova! I must admit I’m a bit of a bathroom glutton (especially since the older, I get the more I have to get up in the middle of night to go!) Now I have this other perspective to balance my anticipated anxiety at being inconvenienced – thank you so much Jennifer. I really appreciate people who can broaden my perspective :>

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