Like a local celebrity?

When we got to Moldova, they told us that sometimes we might feel a little bit like local celebrities.  And sometimes it’s true.  Especially in smaller villages.  People have “heard” about you, sometimes there’s some staring involved (for me, this is mostly while I run, though), and in my site mate’s case, people stop him to takes pictures with him (again, Moldova is not the most racially diverse, so a black man walking around the village tends to get some attention).

In my town, since it’s a bit larger than your average village, news about Americans doesn’t travel as fast.  But, this week, I got interviewed by the local paper (in Romanian, I tried my darnedest but I’m pretty sure I butchered a bunch).  And this morning, the journalist dropped by with a copy.  I think this is one of those “celebrity,” eyes-on-me times.  My colleagues were all very excited about it and made sure I saw it.

The title is a quote from my interview which reads, “Here, I feel at home.”  It briefly talks about my job here, my family back home, what I did before Peace Corps, staying with host families and tasting Moldovan food.  The quote under my picture says, “Chiar dacă suntem de culturi diferite, putem contacta și ne apropria unii de alții.”  Which, I was trying to say, even though we’re from different cultures, we can still connect with one another.

Sorry for the momentary “brag.”  This is mostly for the sake of my parents, who I think will enjoy perusing this.


2 responses to “Like a local celebrity?

  1. Jenn…. sweeet ! i feel like i FINALLY know a celebrity !! :o) actually, i was braggin on you just the other day. you amaze me with your ability to pick up language. Serious. talk soon..

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