An American Independence Day Celebration

So I’m catching up on a whole lot of summer that I haven’t blogged yet (how did two months fly by so quickly?).  That said, let’s begin…

So we have this annual 4th of July party that is put on by the American Chamber of Commerce here in the capital of Moldova.  This is one of those events in Moldova that is sort of epic for Peace Corps volunteers.  It brings together all the expatriates in Moldova, along with a bunch of Moldovans that have some connection to the States (work for an American organization, lived/worked/studied there).

I don’t know why, as volunteers, we get so darn excited about a bunch of Americans, hot dogs, hamburgers, beer, and a Moldovan band playing songs like “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Wonderwall,” but we do.  We get really excited.  Some of us dress up.  And yell “America!” and other patriotic absurdities.  And we sweat it out in the peak heat of the summer, in the middle of the afternoon, just to be a part of these festivities.

I think it probably has something to do with the fact that we’re all off in different parts of the country, surrounded by locals most of the time, and this is really one of the major holidays volunteers and other Americans gather in one place for.

So, just in case you were worried we weren’t celebrating the birth of our great nation, I can now allay your fears.  We definitely celebrate.  We might even celebrate a little too much…

I didn’t take any photos during the event, but a few other volunteers did, and I thought I’d share.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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