BBQ, Moldovan-style

Last week, my site mate and I were invited to a going away party for a Moldovan college student.

I met him, Doru, this past spring when I had the pleasure of observing a few of my fellow volunteers teaching a university course on leadership and ethics in the capital.  He was in the course, but actually lives in my village.  He works at the local culture house running sound for events, so we run into him around town.  He’s enrolled in a university program where students take half their classes in Romanian, and the other half in English, so his English is phenomenal.  This year, he applied for the opportunity to study abroad in Lithuania, and was one of two students selected from his university to go.  (Congrats are in order, eh?)

But before leaving, he wanted to have one last hoo-rah with his friends, and he invited Luma and I to join them for a BBQ in the fields.  We asked if we could bring a couple of friends (other volunteers) who would be in town, and he told us it would be no problem.

Unfortunately I was sick that weekend, but I was determined to power through so I could help Doru celebrate.  So we met up with Doru and all drove out to the outskirts of the village, down a long dirt road to a group of trees, threw down a few blankets, and began the festivities.

We brought food, beer and wine, and the students started a fire out of ears of corn that they had removed all the corn from to use as animal feed (no idea what that is called…any ideas from the audience?).  Side note: the current drought has also affected Moldova in major ways, including the corn crop.  Some families will now actually have to kill a larger number of their animals early and freeze the meat because they simply don’t have enough feed to keep them alive.

So we started grilling.  I have no idea what they marinated that meat in, but it was DELICIOUS.  We had a great time, played some games with them, and just hung out with these college students in the fields.  So glad Doru invited us!  We wished him all the success in the world when he goes to study abroad.

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