First Bell

It feels like just yesterday I was writing about a ceremony called “Last Bell” which marks the end of the school year and the beginning of summer across Moldova.

Well, summer is over folks, and today we headed over to the local school to be part of the “First Bell” ceremony.  School is back in session!

The ceremony was great.  There was a procession of incoming first graders, the district president spoke, the mayor of the town spoke and presented the school director with a new rug for her office, the school director said a few words, and the first graders recited some poems they had memorized (check out the video below).  Everyone was dressed in their best – the boys wore suits and the girls styled their hair and wore their best dresses.  It was almost like going to a homecoming dance.  And I loved the big, white bows that the first grade girls had in their hair!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But this ceremony stood out a little more for us as Peace Corps volunteers, because our new site mate, Tim will be working with the school’s English department for the next two years.  The school asked him to prepare a few words to share during the ceremony…which I was able to catch on video also.

The ceremony ended when the older high school boys lifted a few of the first graders up on their shoulders and walked them around as they rang the “first bells.”


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