Today is hram in my village.  What is hram?  Well, technically it would probably translate into something like “day of the city.”  Every village has one, and it usually involves lots of food, wine, some dancing, maybe a concert, and…did I mention wine?

Last year, I spent hram taking an excursion with my host family, then came back to my village for the concert and other outdoor festivities.  As I remember, it was COLD.  I mean, it wasn’t horrible, but I was not wearing enough layers of socks for standing outside.  But I really enjoyed the concert, tasted some great food, and watched the groups of people gathered outside to celebrate our city’s day.

So, why I am blogging this year as hram celebrations continue outside my window and down the street?

Well, as lame as it may sound, I am inside sitting at my computer, trucking away at grad school applications.  Yup!  It’s that time already.  Thinking about “down the road.”

So, since I went last year, I decided to stay in and focus on some other things that I just haven’t had much time to get to yet.  Surely the Peace Corps integration gods will punish me for this sacrilegious use of my time, but hopefully I can make it up during some other community/cultural event.

But I can still hear the muffled sounds of traditional Moldovan music playing outside, the boom of the fireworks, the shouts of “ehy!” and, in a small way, I still feel part of the celebration.

To many years, Ialoveni!


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