In April 2011, I received an invitation to serve in the United States Peace Corps in Eastern Europe.  Six weeks later, I boarded a plane to Moldova, where I’m living now for a total of 27 months.  Officially, I’m a Community and Organizational Development Advisor, which means I work with organizations and groups in the community to help develop human capital.  Right now, my primary partnership is with a regional development agency, where I work about 40 hours per week observing and assisting with operations and conducting skill-building seminars for staff.

I invite you to follow along in my adventures!


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi! I loved reading your blog! I am heading to Moldova in June with PC. Would love to ask a few questions about packing etc and appropriate work clothes and things you are glad you have and things you wish you did. I am sure the same questions you had as well? Would love to email if you can!

  2. Your Blog Is great. Stumbled on it just by way of searching for updates on Moldova. I have been to Moldova 7 times. My first visit (2005) I was invited to a traditional Moldovan Wedding. It was there I met my wife. Six more trips and 2 1/2 years later we married and she is now a permanant resident of the United States. Your blog has captured the real Moldova that many will never understand. I love Moldova. My wife has been back once in the past four years and my last visit was in 2008. We are planning our first trip back together this October. Can’t wait. Thank you for sharing the REAL Moldova.

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