A winter wonderland

I woke up this morning to a new, thick layer of snow outside.  It’s been snowing like crazy all day.  And honestly, bring on the cold, I’ll wear my winter hat inside anyday, I’m loving this snow.  (Other volunteers may vote me out of Peace Corps for saying that…or renounce their commitment to peace and shoot me, so we’ll just keep that one under wraps.)

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And just in case you didn’t get the full effect…

I then decided to try and film without my squeal of “snow!” at the beginning, but, as I was trying to capture the peace of the moment, my site mate comes down the stairs and lets out a belch.  It was just too funny not to include.  (Sorry site mate!)


Snow days, slow days

This morning I was greeted by a nice white layer of snow outside.  It was gone by lunch, but I still enjoyed it enough to snap some photos.  Below is a picture just outside our apartment building.

Today was a slow day.  I’ve been sick, trying to kick a cold for a few days now, so I ended up coming home early from work to rest.  While home, I decided to put my hands to good use and make some chocolate chip cookie dough.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll try experimenting with our oven…

The first snow!


This morning I woke up, slid out of my warm bed, and journeyed outside and around the house to the kitchen, where I cooked oatmeal over the stove, boiled some water for tea, and sliced a banana to eat with my breakfast.

When I left the kitchen, it was snowing outside!  The first snow.

Snow is a big deal when you’ve lived in a climate like Phoenix with mild winters.  I took my down winter jacket off the hanger and enjoyed my walk to work with flakes falling around me.